Friday, March 18, 2005

Let's Convert

I told one of my clients, (a woman who grew up in Hollywood and is now a widdow) that I go swing dancing. She told her daughter's and one of them brought it up to me that she is interesting in going. I invited the two of them to go out with me last night. They were happy to. They are both beginners, but they do well. They got asked to dance quite a few times. I was glad that everyone was so friendly.

I felt like "Hello Dolly" when I came in. My secret, closet-kisser of a bar tender was there, eager to greet me with an embrase. All my old friends were giving me warm welcomes. They must have been glad to see me bringing in some new people.

After seeing me dance a few times, my friends told me that I look just like their mother, when I dance. The way I move my shoulders and hold my hand, etc. Crazyness... Now they want to invite her out too. Sure, why not?

I saw an old flame from post-mission days. We made out one night in his car after ditching the dance and going to dinner. He wrote me off rather quickly after that. He said he just didn't have time for a relationship, but I suspect it had more to do with the fact that I am an active member and he hadn't been since he was 16. He started dating this other tall blonde and I moved to Utah. I came back engaged and he and his fiance were expecting.

I guess that set-up didn't work out either, because he was there alone. I asked him to dance, not knowing it was him, for sure. He was surprised to see me. He said, "I guess we could share some stories."

We made a couple of jokes about how we came back to the drawing board. It was only his second time out since his break-up. When the song was over I told him would could talk later. I saw him leave a few minutes later.

My bar-tender friend needs a name. I name him Fabio. Hehe. I don't know what to do about him. He corners me at every opportunity. Not litterally, but he is really on to me. He asked if I could go out with him the next night. I told him this week is not good, because I am working evenings and I had to sneak out to come dancing tonight.

What am I going to do about him? I love the attention, but I have already explained to him how it must be, including how I didn't think it would be a good idea for us to go out. I must have lead him on. Maybe he would join the church for me and then I would be exhalted for his conversion. (Please note that I am joking!)

What's sad is that one of the daughters that came out with me that night was sharing with me on the way there, her conversion story, which went very much like that. She said that she was about 20 and she was dating this kid who was a member. He dated her long enough to bring her into the church and then went on to the next girl. His explaination for his behavior was that his goal was to bring people to the gospel in order to increase his own glory. What a messed-up, backwards way of thinking! She stopped going to church after about six months, of course. What an imbesile!

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