Saturday, March 26, 2005

Car Trouble AGAIN!

My car has been in and out of the shop in the last few weeks and it still has work that needs to be done. I broke down on the freeway on my way to work on Thursday. the belt in the engine started to strip. It was hitting the hood of the car, which was the sound that alarmed me and caused me to pull over. It had to be towed, of course.

This makes break down #2 on the freeway with that car. Luckily I haven't had Guy with me either time, nor was I very far from home. My mom is always coming to the rescue with letting me borrow the car or giving me a ride. Thank you, Mom!

My parents have decided to sell the car before I move to Utah. This will make car #8 that I have driven. If I don't wreck them, they manage to find a reason to get to the shop on their own. With all the trouble I have with cars, I may as well be driving a classic.

One day, Nomad, you will be mine!

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