Friday, July 07, 2006

More ER Adventures With Guy Smiley

I got a call at work from Guy's daycare. They had the pleasure of informing me that guy put a rock up his nose!

I guess he did it earlier that morning while they were playing outside on the play set in the gravel. They came in and while watching a movie one of the other kids noticed that Guy's nose was bleeding and went and toldt he teacher. They talked to Guy and found out that he put a rock in his nose. They tried to see it with a flash light but couldn't. It was obviously desturbing him because he was crying off and on about it.

I called his doctor to ask what could be done. I took him to a local Insta-care to see what the Dr. there could do. He was able to see the rock, but it was way up on the floor of his nose. He must have sniffed it up there because a finger couldn't reach that far. The Dr. had him try to blow his nose to see if it would come out at all. It didn't seem to help any. He made a few more attempts to reach into the nose of his unwilling patient, but any time he got to a certain point Guy would start flailing about even with the nurse and I holding him down.

The Dr. suggested we take him to the ER. He figured we would have to sedate him in order to get it out. We were given our old waiting room of the ER. The one he had when he had pneumonia dn bronccialitis. The Dr figured out a way to get out the rock with a tool they use for removing galstones. It's a long narrow straw with a small inflatable balloon that comes out the one end. It took two male nurses and the Dr, with Guy in a papoose in order to get it out. It was pretty quick and pretty much painless without having to put his to sleep.

I suspect he just wanted to spend some time with Mom for the afternoon in his old ER room. Probably hoped we would go for a ride in the ambulance again too ;) He even got a big red popsicle from the nurses.

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