Friday, July 07, 2006


Shortly after I began working at the reception job in Springville they had to let go of their senior sales person. They discovered that he had been submitting false orders. We were getting calls from customers saying that they received some product or part that they never ordered.

There was a police investigation and he went on the run from the law. Not even his wife knew his whereabouts. I don't even know if she knows now.

At any rate, this set the company back quite a bit and they were slow on sales too, so they were forced to make some cut back and I guess I was one of them.

They said how they expect the business to pick up in another month or two, and if I am still looking for work by then they would love to hire me back but they would understand if I found another job. I could tell they really regretted having to do this. They told me they would be happy to give me a good reference even.

I wasn't too terribly disappointed considering I was still secretly looking for other work even after they hired me because I was not happy with the pay and I was totally bored there.

For now I am doing some temp work and practice transcription until I can find work again.

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