Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Lips Are Sealed

My collection of secrets is multiplying. The task of keeping them all straight and in the closet is becoming more challenging. I fear that the next time I go to put something away in there, the stack of skeletons will come tumbling out.

I'll be keeping this weeks adventures behind closed doors for as long as I can manage.


Gunner said...

Were you naughty with the dancing mormon boy.
Bad bad Trixie. ;)

Anonymous said...

Let them out.. I triple fire death dare you.


Trixie Granny said...

Umm, close but no quite. Multiply that by about 6 and you would be red hot.

Anonymous said...

Were they all Mormon? Were you only dancing? Inquiring minds want to know.

Joanne said...

The more of your posts I read the more I feel you scared of your own family. I think THAT itself should prove that the mormon "religion" must have some BIG problems! I have friends & "family" that are mormons & they are ALL very secretive. That has ALWAYS been a BIG PROBLEM FOR ME! I think the BEST thing you could have done was leave that group.

I hope you get my post