Sunday, September 24, 2006

Going All the Way

It only took a few minutes of a couple of videos to convince me that there are a lot of animals being tortured in the World. Enough so, that not only have I chosen to not eat meat, but I am working on cutting out dairy and eggs too. I knew it would be a challenge and I didn't want to starve in the first week, so I am taking it slowly as I relearn what to eat. It will be very inconvenient and will require more preparation on my part and likely more money too, but I feel it is a worthy cause.

Certainly more worthy than all the effor that the church put into their petitions against redefining the family. I was puzzled at an email that I received from a friend who is a member of the church. The email made the statement that this will greatly affect our families... etc. How the Hell would something like that affect me, a straight person? I already have the right to mary a man. The people that it will affect are those that didn't have the right to marry whom they choose, ie: the homosexuals. Why should I be so determined to deprive them of their rights?

I can see myself getting carried away with this animal loving wave I am on. I have never really been "into" animals. I'm not a cat or dog or horse lover. I've had several pets including; cats, dogs, birds, frogs, fish, a crab, a rat and currently a mouse (who is going to be set free in the very near future or maybe after winter is over), but I've never been more than slightly attached to them.

But when I see images of deformed animals who are tortured and abused from the time of their birth and who never even see the sunlight or given an opportunity to live a natural life it makes me sick to my stomach and I cry for them.

It's not just farm animals who are tortured, circus elephants and other performing animals are regularly abused with a sharp hook to tear their skin or a sharp hammer at the back of their knees or an electric prod on their privates. I remember learning of a case against some circus for animal abuse. The source of the news was my father and it was translated to me like, "Oh, the poor animal, so what if it's standing in it's own phesis, they would do the same in the wild..."

My father enjoys hunting. He doesn't go all that often, but he enjoys the sport of it. He does his best to make sure that a fish or dear etc is put to death as quickly and painlessly as possible, as he does not enjoy torturing animals, just killing them, if that can be rationalized.

Guy likes to go fishing with Grandpa and he went this last weekend and caught a few fish. Maybe next time I could suggest that they just watch the fish and feed them crumbs or something. Oh, and sorry Honey, but we won't be going to the Circus this year. We'll find an animal-cruelty-free activity to replace it with like picketing outside the Circus :) hmm, that could be fun.

The delema that I was having was deciding how much control I would have on what Guy eats. He likes meat and he is a growing boy and I don't think he would eat much of my lame vegan cooking, since I haven't started that yet, he would starve and the few things I have bought he has turned up his nose to. I think I have decided the best thing to do is to just have alternatives available for him at home and let him eat what he wants otherwise.

I feel better already about my new diet. I made the decision a couple of weeks ago and I like that I am putting more natural/back to basics/whole foods in my body. I look forward to improved and lasting health.

So....Chin Chin! (Cheers, for Italians) *raise my glass of chocolate Soy Milk* gulp, aahhh!


Anonymous said...

I've been a vegitarina for 23 years and a vegan for 20 years now. If you want some help feel ree to email.

One thing I noticed is that easier now than when we switched our family is that it's not too hard to find soy substitues for meat in regular grocery store. Using them might be helpful in switching your family over and in making meals they are used to.

tomhhhh said...

Wow it's true that there are a lot of injustices in the world as well as irresponsible people. I'll never forget President Kimballs talk in General priesthood meeting years ago entitled "Don't kill the little birds". It was counsel like that that helped put things in perspective. I was just a young kid with a wrist rocket sling shot. I am sure that it had an affected on a lot of deer hunters and made them think about what drove them.

I am also grateful that the Lord would provide animals for our good and health. But it's also a wonderful concept to be told to use "it" (meat) sparingly. I believe that the key is balance. Congradulations on finding the exstream so quickly. Sorry for the sarcasem. I just find this/you so interesting. I do not want to be your enemy. (forgive any miss spelling) I am on a hunt to find the "prejudice"..."racisim"...and "murdering teachings and people within the church. I've read too many historical journals and things to be influenced by some bad apples.

Gunner said...

Make it a slow transition. I'm one who goes weeks with almost no meat, then the "hunger" kicks in.

Trixie Granny said...

Kita, Yes, it was a Boca burger that he turned his nose up to! :) I guess I'm going to have to get creative. I appreciate your support. I may call on you in the near future.

Trixie Granny said...

Gunner, I used to get those cravings too and I gave in to them about once a month. I think my appetite for meat is gone. The toughies now are chocolate, although it's dark that I perfer and there are eggs in almost all baked goods. I found a good egg substitute for backing from scratch, but I dont have the time, or energy or the kitchen to bake that much. Anyway, I'm learning :)

Trixie Granny said...


Perhaps I am comfortable in the realm of extreem after living by the standards of the church. So, would you say there is a healthy balance of the amount of alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, that one consumes?

Look no further for the racism than the Book of Mormon. Mormons believe that any person of color is that way because they are descendants of a people who were cursed by the Lord. Blacks were not allowed to hold the Priesthood in the church for many years. The act of inviting any homosexual students to leave the BYU campus is nothing short of prejudice.

These murders happened behind the scenes by the very leaders or by those instructed by the leaders. A few bad apples.....who lead the way!

tomhhhh said...

I am sorry that I critized your eating choice. And I guess that I can kind of see your comparison to the word of wisdom. Things like coffee,tobacco,alchol are all pretty important to the world. And to them it is extreme. To be tempted by them and not be able to be a part of it would feel like an unreasonable requirement. I've given up something by not doing those things. But I believe I've gain more. I am sure not perfect in this area. I need to cut out a lot of things...sugars and fats etc.

I don't deny the beliefs in the origination of skin of color. I also don't discount the fact that Jesus was sent to a "chosen" people. A "promised" people. After they rejected his message it was then sent to the gentiles. God's ways are not our ways. Consequences have always followed posterity from generation to generation. The Lamanites where wicked then righteous then wicked etc. The coloring does not distract from there beauty or the love that the Lord has for them. And although there are individual incidents and situations in the church that show human prejudice...I have never heard a teaching that contradicted the gospel message going to all people. Forget the delay in the blacks receiving the priesthood. Just like the delay before the gospel went to the gentiles.

The church protects it's self against the evils and wickedness of the world. Homosexuality is part of that evil. It's presence and influence continues to grow. The teaching take into account attraction tendencies but is very clear that the behavior is evil. BYU will ask any student engaged in "sexual" activity outside of marriage to leave the campus. How can that be offensive unless buying into "politically correct" thinking. Most other institutions cave under it. Praise to any that can stand their ground. If a person admits that they are a homosexual but does not act upon it or preach it or teach it or "recruit"...then I don't believe that they would be asked to leave the campus.

As far as the "mountain meadow massacre"...I need to take a closer look at that. I do know that it is a regrettable happening. A terrible thing. I am grateful that there is a final judgment. There is not doubt that situations and individual evils will be rewarded accordingly. To believe that there would be lapses in judgment of leaders is not beyond reason. I do know that that situation had a tremendous amount of misunderstanding. Whether an order was given or not by Brigham Young to "Kill" is questionable. Did you know that there was a lot of fear involved in the people that heard that this group was coming through? Did you know that as the saints were persecuted that many were killed (I think like 600-800). Is it so hard to understand the trauma minds that these saints had? Some of those people killed in the meadow that were heading to California where some of the very persecutors that drove the saints out. But, again I don't excuse what happened. Again I am glad I don't have to judge it. It will be dealt with. Justice must be paid. But I refuse to listen to those who refuse to recognize situations in there proper context...and throw it all out saying that everything else is bad or false or evil.