Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Common Bond

I just got back from the Sunday dinner at my parents' house. It has become habit now that Guy gets dropped off at the G parent's house on Saturday afternoon and stays over to go to church with them. I come back down on Sunday afternoon, have dinner, do laundry and we go home.

My father is from Heber City so he has a sister and two brothers that live less than an hour away. His sister is married and active and his two brothers single/divorced and have been inactive since about their teens. His sister has two daughters. They are a year and more older than me, neither of them are active. My aunt and uncle that are active have been down to visit my parents several times since we have moved here. I have extended invitations to my cousins a few times for such things as Guy's birthday parties because they both have kids.

Today was the first time that they have come down from Salt Lake to my parents' house. I figured my parents hadn't wasted any time in spreading the news about me deciding not to go to church any more. They all wanted to know how I was doing now that I had moved out on my own. We served ourselves some dinner and had the choice of the dining room or the patio. It was such a beautiful day that I knew I wanted to get as much sunshine as possible on the patio. I was the first one to go outside and one of my uncles came out all curious and asked me to tell him all about what is going on in my life. We had a brief conversation a few months back after I had made some changes, but I was still living with my parents and I was not at liberty to truly speak my mind then.

He told me I'm just cute as a button. (The things relatives say) ;) He also said I look healthy and happy so he wanted to know if I am doing anything differently. I mentioned that I have been a vegetarian since May and that I am working on cutting out dairy and eggs too. He asked if I had lost weight from that, but the truth is I was gaining in the beginning, but have lost that back again now.

He wanted to know my reasoning for the change in lifestyle. I told him that is was initially for better health, but after seeing a few videos of the horrible treatment of the animals my reasons are now for the sake of the cruel treatment that an animal suffers just to become my dinner and ultimately my poop. OK, those weren't my words, but they are the words of a kid I had a short lived friendship with. He is a bit too radical for me, but I respect the messages he is sending.

My two cousins came out to join us at this point. They all had KFC for dinner. So we were discussing the value of the lives of the chickens that became their food. In my mind I was picturing the vivid visuals from the film clips I watched of chickens who get their beaks ground down shortly after birth, then shoved into these cramped cages where they can't even spread their wings, then pumped full of steroids so that they become so large that their legs won't even hold them up and then get shat on by other birds. then they get drug by their necks and hung by their feet to be scalded alive and now featherless before they are finally put out of their misery. My uncle's reasoning is that at least they had a life. He asked if I were a chicken would I want to at least be able to live rather than to never be born. I quickly answered that I would rather not be born. That is not life, that is a living hell! Their purpose in live is to get fat and die, tasting pain and suffering from the moment of birth.

No thank you. I would rather remain a spirit chicken than come to earth for two months of torture. Don't even get me started on how they skin the animals alive to make fur coats, then just tossed their bloody living carcass aside as if it's already garbage. The animal is still alive for God's sake! What a pretty picture the media paints over the truth about where our food and clothing comes from. If you need more just go here

I meant to save that rant for another post. I actually remained pretty vague about it all in our discussion so as not to gross them all out while they were eating.

I went in to get a plate of food for Guy and my other uncle was in the kitchen too and said that all the cool people were eating outside while he had been eating in the dining room. He came outside to be with the cool people too. I felt like I had been invited into their outcast club. There we were, we had managed to segregate ourselves from the active members. I have never seen that happen at other family gatherings with the same group of people. My uncle was making some comment about denial because we had just been talking about X, when my dad came out with the rest of them and took a seat right behind us. My dad told me not to pay any attention to what he was saying because he is a rebel. My uncle said, "Well so is she. She's just now coming around." My dad tried hard to laugh as he got up and walked away. I wished I had the words to make it better for my dad, but none came to mind.


Anonymous said...

I love animals and abhor abuses, etc. However, in my opinion, PETA isn't to be trusted. There are many more humane animal groups out there.

tomhhhh said...

I'm sure that your uncles just love the company. I feel for your Father. I imagine his courage to have tried to be faithful over the years inspite the influences. I am sure he is not perfect.

Trixie Granny said...


I realize that PETA goes off the deep end sometimes. I would have directed you to my friend's myspace page, but that would have been even more offensive so I just linked you to PETA to watch the videos, which speak for themselves.


My uncles are great guys, my dad too. I don't hold the fact that he believes in the church against him. He still loves me even though I broke his heart, just as I still love him.