Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Personal Invitation From the Devil

Last night, I woke up at 4am and decided to take a shower. It was nice to be able to take my time in the shower instead of having to rush off to work. Then I went back to bed. I had trouble falling back asleep for a long time. When I finally did, this horrible dream began. Actually, the beginning wasn't so bad, but the ending was horrifying.

It started out as me taking off in the car to go to some swing dancing event, and I ran into a kid that I think I recognized to be someone that I have seen at the BYU dances a couple times. He didn't hide his excitement to see me, so we hung out most of the evening. I was staying with, I guess an old missionary companion, but she was still on a mission, so I stayed with her and her companion in their missionary apartment. I guess I got there before they did (gee, that would have put them out past 9pm, those rebel missionaries) and I picked up their place a bit for them. They were amazed at what I had done when they got back.

We were all three sleeping there on the floor when this little devil person comes in and started poking at us with his pitchfork. I held up my hand and grabbed the handle of it so that he couldn't poke me with it, then it grew another three forks out the sides. I got up and questioned him. I asked him why he was there and what he wants with us. I don't remember him speaking, but I remember this image coming to my mind of what he intended for us. It was a horrible scene. I saw a panoramic view of deformed bodies and people laying in blood. By deformed, I mean, like their arms were sewn to their legs or missing legs or arms, etc. What was strange was that their bodies were almost glowing white, and there weren't any scars, but they were misshapen, and then red all around them. I was ill from the sight of it.

All I could ask is, "Why?" He just replied with something like, "They let me." He was hoping that I or we would let him, but I refused. I was amazed that all of those people would allow him to do that to them. They seemed, not sad, not all of them in pain, but because of their deformity they were left mostly helpless. I wondered if they understood what they had gotten themselves into. There they were, just lame lumps of flesh. None of them crying or begging for help. Just existing like they don't care. They were numb, experiencing no thoughts or feelings.

He assured me that he would not touch me unless I allowed him to, just the same as everyone else. I tried for a second to comprehend why a person would allow him to do that, but I was afraid to go there in my mind. I had seen the result and I knew that wasn't what I wanted for myself, to be a deformed pet.


Gunner said...

Sorry for your troubled sleep. I'm an odd one that has rarely remembered my dreams, and the ones I do are vague and have little details. Ones like yours would stress me all to heck.

Trixie Granny said...

I can't stop thinking about this dream. What I find strange about it is that he was so honest about what is intentions were. He didn't try to decieve me or bribe me with money or fame, just "Come be my mutilated pet..."

Al Christensn said...

I guess the devil is far more polite and aware of boundaries than certain anti-devil folks we know.

Anonymous said...

My name is Sylvia. I am 14 and a member of the LDS church. And the dream you had seem to me like a sign from Hevenly Father. The devil can not hurt you unless you do something to let him in. And about the missionary is a sign the the LDS church is good. It mite also have somthing to do with that missionary from the dances being in some sprital troble. If you were ever a mormon, which I think you were because you were on the ex-mormon website, I dont understand how you can have this dream and not have faith in the chruch. Please e-mail me back I want to know what happened to you.


Trixie Granny said...


Yes, I was a very active member of the church from birth until several months ago. I know very well what the church's beliefs are about the devil, I used to teach them. I imagine this belief that has been taught to me from weekly church attendance probably influenced my dream a little. Mostly, this dream stemmed from a relationship I have with someone.

All true believing Mormons have a hard time understanding why anyone could ever leave the church. In their mind all events point to the same answer..."The Church is True."

Feel free to read on to find out what happened to me...