Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Poor Little Sickling

Guy just got over a cold a few weeks ago and then he started coughing again last week. Last night his breathing became shallow again like it was shortly before we started taking him into the Emergency and he was eventually hospitalized, this last January.

I stayed home from work today to take care of him. My mother had to convince me that I needed to take him in to see a doctor. If not his regular slow-to-act-Pediatrician then another Pediatrician.
I have been conditioned by the doctors to hesitate before I bring him in because as long as it is a virus, they really can't do much for him except suggest a good decongestant like Robitussin. So I have been giving him that faithfully, but it's not doing the trick this time. I checked with his regular Dr. to see what he had to say. Sure enough, he heard crackling in his lungs, which indicates Pneumonia. It's a-typical for a bacterial infection to affect his lungs all over like they are, but he decided to go prescribe an antibiotic just in case. Hallelujah!..that he gets an antibiotic, but how did he manage to get Pneumonia for the third time in barely one year?

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