Thursday, November 01, 2007


A friend of mine from work told me about this chihuahua that her husband brought home one day. The woman he got it from was about to take it to the pound. The story goes that her kids were abusing it such as hitting it with the broom and other such things. Why she felt like the only solution was to take it to the pound, I don't understand.

My friend told me how she just fell in love with the dog and how the dog became quickly attached to her too. The original owners named her Wild Thing but they chose the name Cinnamon for her. I told her that I have always wanted a chihuahua and how I would take it with me in my purse every where I went.

After a couple of weeks having the dog she called me up at home one day and asked me if I wanted to take the dog. I guess it had already pooped in her daughter's room and then she found an unusually large pile of fudge in the laundry room, where she began keeping her in the day.

I felt like I was a little unprepared to have a dog. Guy had been begging me for one for a year and I promissed him that once we had our own place where the dog could run around then I would be happy to get him a dog. We were still living in the basement who's owner already had three large, semi-trained attack dogs who ruled the back yard. Plus we are gone all day and she would have no way to go out to go potty. At least the whole place was tile floor with a few rugs.

I figured this was probably the only time that I would be offered a free chihuahua so I decided I could work around the logistics of it all.

We went to her house the next weekend and met the dog and brought her home with us. Her daughters had a hard time with it once we were gone. She had regrets about it too. So much so that when I had to bring her to work for an hour before taking her to Guy's daycare for show and tell, Cinnamon saw her and got all excited and she became emotional and wished she could take her home with her again.

Other people kept asking her how she could give away such a cute dog. I was questioning whether I should have taken her or not. Cinnamon and Guy seemed to have a rocky start already and I contemplated giving her back. When I told her I would talk to Guy about giving her back she tried to assure me that I should keep her (unless I am totally sure that I don't want her anymore). ...Greaaat...

I decided to keep her but not without continual threats to Guy that I would give her back. Any time I turned my back I heard her growling at him or I would catch him chasing her with a sword or crawling under the table after her, etc. She showed very little patience towards him and he didn't understand that he was scaring her and putting her on the defence. She is just a little thing and he was huge and intimidating to him. Not to mention that he hadn't really shown that he can be trusted.

I was tiring from having to always keep after him and separate them. Besides that, the times when Guy only wanted to cuddle with her she would still growl at him because he would get so close to her face. She even bit him on the face about twice. He would get his feelings hurt when I got after him for getting to close. He just wanted to love her afterall.

After doing some research, I learned that chihuahuas are known to not do well with children. One breeder would not sell to families with children under 7 years old. That would explain why the two of them got along like a dog and cat.

When the weather got warmer I also learned that Cinnamon was very protective of her owner. She loved to chase after the kids in the court, especially ones running, riding a bike or scooter. She even reached up and big a neighbor girl in the croch of her pants one time. Thankfully she only got a mouth full of pants and nothing more.

More about Cinnamon to come...


conley730 said...

I hope you are able to keep Cinnamon and she and Guy start getting along better. I hope she does well with the new babies too. I had a rat terrier and a jack russel terrier when my boys were born. They're not supposed to be very good with little children and babies either, but they were really good with the boys. Is that Cinnamon protecting your belly in the picture of you a few posts ago? She's so cute!

Gunner said...

I'm glad to see you back. Your absence worried me.

Glad you still dance.

Trixie Granny said...


Yes, that's Cinnamon on my belly in that picture and yes, she's adorable :)

Thanks Gunner, It's good to be back.