Friday, October 26, 2007

ULX 2007

To continue where I left off last time feeling sorry for myself... I did get to go to the Friday and Saturday night dances and even the late night ones too. It was fun to have a reason to dress up again like I used to. I ran into some friends from Sacramento. There was a whole gang of them that came out. Ha, even Burp was there. I think he was a little shocked when he saw me at the late night dance in a tank top, and I think he liked it. Not that I did it for him but it was fun to tease.

I even met a few nice Mormon boys, fancy that.

Why they picked THE coldest days of winter to have the exchange I'll never know. I was freezing my booty off walking through the snow to the dance at the Fair Grounds.

We had an idea to take old fashioned photos in the foyer at the exchance dances in 2008, in January. I think it will go over well. If it does we may travel to other exchanges and do the same.

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