Thursday, January 06, 2005

A Day at the Temple

I decided yesterday that I would take advantage of being off today and go to the temple. I haven't been in a while. I would have liked to go with the ward, but I can't handle another one of those all-nighters. I am worthless the next day. I enjoy going by myself more than with a group, I think. I can have more time to myself in the Celestial room, plus I like to take a little time to do either Iniciatories or Sealings. I tried to get in to do some Initiatories, but they were booked, quite unusuall, so I got a chance to do some sealings afterwards.

I feel like my answer was the same one He has been trying to tell me for the last year or two. That is that, again I need to surrender my concern to Him. It is out of my control. He will take care of it. I have done all that I can, and now it's time for me to let go and let Him work his magic. In other words, I need to have faith. Faith that He has not forgotten me. Faith that as long as I am doing my best with what I have been given, I will receive the blessings that are due, whatever they may be. Do I sound convinced? It may take me some time, but I will try my best to have patience and faith in the matter.

As I mentioned, I got to help out with some sealings after the session. There were two couples among the group. One of the couples had only been married for two weeks. So, lucky me, I got to be sealed as a daughter to them. They were so gitty. They each had perma-grins on their faces. My impules fluxed from laughter to vomit to tears. Fortunantly none of them were made manifest, instead I held a smirk. I was and happy for them and I hope todo the same some day and make the people around me just as sick with my own child-like excitement.

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