Monday, January 01, 2007


Aww, people do care :)

I want to share some good news. Granted, it's a little late but I'm still basking in it's reward. I was finally hired on at my job!!

It's amazing to me how things have worked out for me lately. In some cases I will just have a thought and it will take place. Like the way I was hired at my job for instance: I was getting frustrated with my job situation because it was past the time period by which they were supposed to have hired me from the temp agency. The through crossed my mind that I should see about getting another job and if I get an offer it would like a fire under them to make a decision. First I spoke with the temp agency and they talked to my boss but he could only promise that they would keep me on as a temp through the end of the year.

A couple weeks later, after updating my resume online, I started getting some responses. The first few were no better than what I had. Even one of my previous employers contacted me for the same position I was working before and with a $1 raise but it was too far, not enough hours and still less pay.

Then the Friday after Thanksgiving I got a call from a company that wanted me to start the following Monday. No interview, just a two week trial period after which I would be hired on and with a pay increase. The starting wage was already more than what I was making but it wouldn't give me any time to give a notice. I debated for about an hour and decided it would be in my best interest to take it anyway.

Over the weekend Guy came down with Pneumonia again! I had to take him into the Dr. on monday, so I called in to both jobs telling them my son is sick. My new employer gave me another week to start and I gave notice to the temp agency.

When my suporvisor learned that I was going to take another job she pulled all the strings she knew to see about hiring me before they loose me. And hire me they did. The next day my boss called me at home with a job offer at a rate higher than the other job.

I was relieved that I didn't have to learn another new job and I knew the raise would help and it certainly has.

There have been other instances lately where things have just worked out the way I hoped for them to. It hasn't all been peaches and cream, mind you but all together I'm slowly getting what I want.

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